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Each week for our ten week course, there is a task that helps you:

  • process the information
  • keep up the momentum of your blogging journey
  • demonstrate that you’re engaging with the content.

If you’d like to get a certificate that acknowledges you completed 20 hours of PD throughout the course, you’ll have to complete the 10 tasks.

Remember that we can’t guarantee that your school will accept our certificate due to different expectations across the world. We will outline the course information and topics covered on the certificate.

Here is some further information about the tasks:

  • You will need to have left a comment on each of the 10 weekly posts to tell us about the task you completed (sometimes the task is just a comment in itself. Other times, it has been setting up a post, page, lesson etc and then reporting on that).
  • While I read all the comments, we’re not assessing your tasks, so as long as you complete it, you’re fine.
  • If you don’t need or want a certificate, it’s up to you if you just want to read the course information and maybe do some of the tasks.
  • All of our other invitations to get involved are optional but strongly encouraged (eg. joining the Facebook group discussions, and reading guest posts).

Not sure if you’ve completed the tasks?

The links to the weekly readings are listed below (we’ll update this list each week).

Just look in the comment section of each post and see if your name and comment is there (Tip: Use Control F or Command F to bring up a search box to find your name).

Week One Task — Welcome

Week Two Task — Quality posts and pages

Week Three Task — Connecting with students and families

Week Four Task — High quality writing

Week Five Task — Images, copyright, and Creative Commons

Week Six Task — Connect with other classes

Week Seven Task — Exploring online tools

Week Eight Task — All about video

Week Nine Task – Student blogs

Week Ten Task — Celebrate and reflect

If you’re having any trouble or have more questions, please email Kathleen via this contact form. 

When you’ve finished all ten tasks…

After completing all tasks, please fill out our survey and collect your certificate.

  • This is the first time I’ve run a course like this so I’d really appreciate your feedback! But don’t worry, I’ve made our survey simple and it should only take you a few minutes to complete.
  • Once your survey is complete, I’ll email your certificate within 24 hours or so.

Running short on time? Catch up on this any time in the next month (until April 22) to receive your certificate.

Either fill out the form below, or click on this link to open the form in your browser.

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